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   About Baoyuan  
  The company has been established for nearly 10 years, specializing in engineering and waterproof material leak caught waterproof construction machinery sales and trading on the roof exterior waterproofing contractor over all construction, construction companies push the case of roofs, waterproof bathroom facilities for each agency , plants, schools and the general community to catch all kinds of waterproof leak Bed engineering, credible, good reputation.
  The company has a professional team, fast perfect service, reasonable prices, honest and responsible work attitude and dedication of respect for the customer service, please old and new acquaintances, feel free.
  Welcome to your visit and advise whether you are on construction, questions about the material, or equipment used on the problem, you are welcome to call. We will do our best to work with you to seek answers, to create a good work performance.
  Leakproof roofs, walls cracked waterproof, interior and exterior, basement seepage, water catch drain,
bi cancer treatment.
  Professional import waterproof material and waterproof construction equipment sales floor trading.
   Bao Yuan import operations waterproof material scope  
Biai Series Functional Waterproof Exterior Wall Non-toxic
Waterproof Tank
Maxseal Super
Avoid water through
Kansai Paint Weathering
Pa acid bomb waterproof plastic
US-568 acid waterproof plastic
Elastic crack webs
LB waterproof plastic
Does not shrink elastic putty
Nano Primer
Thermostatic insulation paint
C-15 crystal water
NP-1 caulk
Thoroseal waterproof timber
Waterplug caught leaking powder
Lanko 222 waterproof timber
Lanko 224 quick-dry without shrinkage
Fax-500 waterproof timber
Bestone waterproof timber (avoiding water pass)
Roof Waterproofing
、Insulation Series
Indoor Environmental Coating Series Waterproof Bathroom
AP-2000 composite material
BASF PU (German-made)
South PU
Elastic crack webs
Still cover wear and insulation material
Thermostatic insulation paint
LB waterproof plastic
NP-1 caulk
Chitin paint
(Antibacterial, antifungal)
In addition to formaldehyde
transparent Cabinets Chitin paint
Sika mildew sealant
BASF AP-2000
Tile slip agent
Wear-resistant Flooring Series Window Frames And Crack Reinforcement Series Construction Equipment
Cement from the sand floor hardener
Stadium, outdoor wear-resistant flooring
Epoxy floor parking
PU foam
From the cement particles
Perfusion machine
Vacuum grinding machine
PU eliminating machine
Bomb mud spraying machine
Shrink cement grouting machine
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